Uzuri, Inc.

Undeliverable Domestic Address 4252 N Drinkwater Blvd Ste A Scottsdale, Az 85250, Arizona

Company Information

Uzuri, Inc. is a Business from in Arizona, United States. The company statsu is "Ad-Dissolved-File Annual Report". Uzuri, Inc. has the Arizona company number 11303707. It was incorporated 15 years ago on 27th of April 2004.


Company Agent

Name Title Address
Colleen Whyte Agent Undeliverable Agent Address 4252 N Drinkwater Blvd Ste Ascottsdale, Az 85250


Name Role Register Address Start Date Updated
Colleen Whyte PRESIDENT 4252 N Drinkwater Blvdscottsdale, Az 85251 01 Jan 2004 23 Feb 2007

Register Data

Entity Name Uzuri, Inc.
State ID 11303707
Type Business
Creation Date 2004-04-27
Business Condition Ad-Dissolved-File Annual Report
Status Date 2008-10-07
Registration State ARIZONA
Published 2004-05-26
Category -

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